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Sabah Group, MMC

Brand manager

İşəgötürən: Sabah Group, MMC (1 vakansiya)

AZ1069, г. Баку Мамеда Араза 43, офис: 8


o Bachelor or Masters degree in Management or Marketing in Azerbaijan or abroad
o Good command of written and strong spoken Azeri, English, Russian
o Competent user of MS OFFICE software applications
o Understanding of spheres of development of business
o Interest of work in retail sphere
o Ability to supervise over people
o Communicative skills
o Responsibility
o Good administrative and organising abilities
o Have possibility for business trips
o Able to work in a team (listening, analysis, understanding, initiative)
o Female or male;
o Age from 23 – 40;
o Analytical skills;
o Decision making;
o Must be Azerbaijan citizenship


• - Working out of the concept of development and brand positioning
• - Management of a brand
• - Formation and realization of system of PR-activity according to potential target audience of products of the company
• - The organization of marketing actions, monitoring of their efficiency
• - Budgeting and the correct order of the goods, by results of sales
• - The control over correct and timely delivery of the goods
• - The control over the transport parties of the project
• - Carrying out in corporate training of the personnel
• - The control over correct work of shop
• - Working out of correct strategy of sales
• - Correct installation and calculation of a monthly lath of sales of shop
• - The control over work of a warehouse and the analysis of a condition of a warehouse at shop
• - Preparation to before orders for current collections
• - New-opening - conducting projects on opening of new shops
• - Business correspondence with company partners
• - Creating and/or checking window displays and sales campaigns in compliance with the merchandising guidelines
• - Depending on needs, organizing and playing an active role in handling the flow of products (checking deliveries both in terms of quantities and quality, handling parcels and putting items on display)
• - Applying and ensuring compliance with the rules connected with the flow of products (handling delivery problems, transfers, unsalable items, returning products to the warehouse)
• - The Brand Manager will attend all meetings and training.
• - The Brand Manager attends each Annual Meeting (convention, forum…) organised by the Brand. This meeting may be organised in the person’s country or elsewhere
• -Identify, gain approval and manage new product and/ or brand development projects which will satisfy consumer needs and provide opportunities for further brand growth
• - The monthly report to a management about the done work
• - Warehouse controlling – Replenishment control
• - Helping keep the store in good overall condition as well as all the equipment required to run it

İş şəraiti:

Registration under the Labor code of the Azerbaijan Republic;
Salary 800-900
5/7 day
Full-time (10:00 -19:00)

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