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AIC Travel Group SA - Swiss Tour Operator Worldwide

AIC Travel Group SA - Swiss Tour Operator Worldwide

Sayt:, Численность: 100-1000

AIC Travel Group operates, through its sales network, in more than 100 countries with particularly strong positions in Russia, United States, Azerbaijan, Columbia, Germany, South American countries and very sensitive growth in the rest of Europe, Asia and Middle East.

In 2015, AIC Travel Group has experienced a significant increase compared to 2014 (+23.35%) and reach a turnover of 560.9 million euro.

Thanks to its expert knowledge in technology, AIC Travel Group develops solutions that are reliable, fast and efficient.

AIC’s ambitions are aimed at creating a better travel trade environment and this is reflected by the establishment of AIC Technology, one of the largest IT centers in Europe.

AIC Travel Group’s expertise is based on two fundamental axes - IT development and customer satisfaction.
Because we believe that your business would prosper through technology developments and reliable performance.
And we are here to accompany you professionally and responsibly in the process of obtaining your goals.
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